Arashi no Shukudai-kun #035

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aired On: June 4th, 2007

OMG, I just realised that the last time I did my Shukudai-kun re-watch was in February last year. Since I still kept to my promise of not watching Shukudai-kun out of sequence until I'm done, this means that I haven't actually watched Shukudai-kun since then! (*_*) So I think it's about time I continue (^^;;

The guest for episode #35 is singer/actress Katase Nana. She came to promote her film Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai, which is about a couple who could communicate telepathically. Since it's a slow love story, the conversation started along that theme, but as usual, the subject soon turned into food - as her homework for the audience is to find delicious and unusual yam dishes.

Ans-035-01Sho-kun wanted to know what slow love meant, and Aiba helped ^^;

The first dish, yam cut in long and thin threads to be eaten like soumen, is very interesting. I want to taste it! Katase Nana said that it was delicious and was just like soumen, but when Jun tasted it he said it's basically just yam, haha. The next dish is a pudding made from yam. Shukudai-kun always makes me hungry! When Katase Nana was telling them about the taste of the pudding, Nino started jiggling the plate of pudding he was holding - both he and Ohno were so fascinated by it XD. Just when Aiba started telling them to stop playing with their food, Katase Nana started doing the same thing XDD. The third dish is prepared by Aiba, who said that it's a common dish from Shuunan, Yamaguchi. It looks crispy, so I wouldn't mind trying it.

Ohmiya, stop playing with your food :p
After eating, they talked about the five things that she's into at the time, the most intriguing of which is her mini kewpie collection. These tiny kewpie dolls were sold all over Japan and are localised, and Katase Nana estimates that she has about 1,600 of them. She's also very into Japanese comedians, so they brought out Sakuma Kazuyuki, her recommended comedian, to perform a skit. I still really don't get most of Japanese comedy acts ^^;

Ans-035-04 Ans-035-05
I love that smile on him.
Next they introduced a new corner, My Way. In this corner they would use their own methods to solve problems/answer questions sent in by the audience. (So, a homework from the audience to Arashi/the guest?) In this ep Jun, Aiba and Katase Nana take on the challenge of putting down their five steps to get from first meeting to marriage.

AIBA: Meet > 1. "Do you live with your family or by yourself?", stating that the answer would help him prepare himself mentally from how to go on from there > 2. "What ward do you live in?" which would lead in to him getting their contact number > 3. Say something good and start dating, since at this point he would be getting to know them better and all. He said that he wouldn't hint about marriage, though. > 4. Ask what their parents do for a living. I don't get this point, after all wouldn't this be brought up in all their hypothetical phone/RL conversations? > 5. Get an indoor dog to live with, meaning they move in together? > Marriage!

KATASE NANA: Meet > 1. Start as friends, as she doesn't fall in love right from the start > 2. Ask for their contact, and start hanging out if they like each other, as she doesn't want to be pushy, but wants to be around the person she likes > 3. Get into the same things, make a lot of good memories together > 4. Start living together. > 5. Be properly introduced to each other's parents > Marriage!

JUN: Meet > 1. Ask for their contact number > 2. Go out for dinner together > 3. Get close to each other, but then separate. I think he was going for the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" route, that DoS. And at this point, according to him, they're not dating yet! > 4. Meet again after some time, and give them a "jab", meaning an "exploratory jab", to find out how they're doing in the time apart, and no, they're not dating YET. > 5. "A lot has happened, but I want to be with you, so go out with me... or rather, marry me." > Marriage!

Irritated with Jun's answer.

LOL Ogura-san commented that marriage would be impossible for Aiba, and I like how Ogura-san reminded Jun that he wasn't filming a drama XD Katase Nana got really irritated with Jun's responses, ahaha. The comment to the viewer who sent in the question was that these are three methods that should be avoided XDD

[vid credit: Taiji Subs]


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