Long Overdue Trip Post! - Day 9

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 9 (Jan 19th) really wasn't supposed to be about Arashi at all, but instead about the other great love of my life - books. Met up with Ono-chan to see the buildings of some of my favourite publishers, and browse through many, many antiquarian bookstores.

And then, of course, I found out that even when I don't go looking for Arashi, they'll still appear in front of me. In the form of back issues of magazines. I actually found magazines and newspapers from/about their debut, but photos weren't allowed and the mags were too expensive (of course) to buy, so I treated the whole thing like a wonderful museum experience, stared at all the old mags, calendars, chirashis, movie pamphlets, and shop photos in awe (not to mention J-Rock memorabilia! But that's another story to be told in another blog/time), and moved on. These are some of the not-so-valuable items, displayed outside the store -


After the book hunting (I left one of the stores with two old shop photos of Jun, in the end) we still had time, so we had Indian curry (extremely yummy!) and then headed for the Imperial Gardens, before going to Nittere -


Again, I was sad that there aren't such things as goods for sale when it comes to their variety shows, but it was fun to look around anyway. Plus I ended up getting the Gantz clear files to add to my collection :p


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