Arashi no Shukudai-kun #038

Monday, September 16, 2013

Aired On: June 25th, 2007

Aaand today, I continue my Shukudai-kun project! It's a good time to continue, really, since I haven't been watching Arashi in awhile, and I need a dose of them in my life. Their shows are now mostly uploaded on Mega, which I can't use, so I haven't been stalking for new episodes as I used to. I can no longer watch live streaming, either - the links I used to use no longer work (;_;). That, plus the fact that majority of my friends are now off the fandom, meant that I didn't have much to keep me in it. I still miss watching their shows, though!

The guests this episode is the comedy duo Penalty, consisting of Hide and Wakky.  When they came out of the box, they noticed that the set was devoid of the usual sofas. Sho explained that because they were known for their physical strength, they thought they'd use the show to highlight that XD. (Does this mean Baka Undokai? Yaaay!!)

Penalty's homework for the audience: find and report on unusual stamina foods that make you strong. They explained that they wanted food to help beat summer fatigue. So Aiba introduced the first food item, which is a prime rib. It looked very juicy, but really I can't deal with so much meat. (I'm such a picky eater) The second item introduced is an unagi don served in "Italian fashion". It has lots of cheese, it seems, and I don't know... from my experiences eating at Sushi King, I don't think I like cheese on stuff like eel or fish (>_<). But they said it was yummy! Next, Aiba introduced the third food - ostrich egg. Which they drank raw. Umm... no. I just can't. I'm not into any of the food in this episode, I'm afraid. But then they introduced ochazuke - except that instead of using normal ocha, it's a different kind of tea - which apparently tasted pretty bad. Except when Ohno ate it, because Ohno could eat anything, lol.

After that... ahahaha. It was the "image" corner and one of the images sent in from the audience is that Penalty were stopped by children and asked to do gags, which was when they started showing some of their gags, including their new one, the "happy frog". YES - the introduction of the "happy frog"! :D The audience enjoyed it, so they asked one of Arashi to do the gag, picking on MatsuJun. It was priceless :D :D

The image section was followed with Baka Undokai (yay!), in which they did the depth binoculars game, which was on by Penalty, and the NTV Scavenger Hunt (one of my favourite games!) Only four of them are in the hunt:

Nino had to look for - two people in suits who will do Wakky's "Ghost's ambulance", which is one of the gags introduced earlier. He approached the first man he saw wearing a suit, but was quickly rejected. He then went into an office area, where he met someone he knew - who was in a suit. So he went to the guy (Sugamo-san) and asked him to do the gag.

Ohno had to look for - staff working with MatsuJun on Bambino! (the drama he was in at the time) who would share surprising sides of him. He set off for Bambino!'s staff room, but had difficulty looking for it. But he persevered and finally found it, instantly asking the staff for three surprising sides of MatsuJun. One of them told him that MatsuJun got really cranky in the mornings. Ohno just nodded and said, "oh, I know", haha.

Hide had to look for - NTV program character goods. (So easy! NTV shop...) He basically just ran around looking for them.

Wakky had to look for - three photos of NTV female announcers making weird faces. He went to the announcers' department and explained what he needed.

(Can I just take a moment to appreciate Shukudai-kun staff's awesome music taste? I mean, they had The Pipettes on their opening, and during the scavenger hunt they played Rancid's Time Bomb. Love!)

Hide-san was the first to arrive back at Shukudai-kun's studio, followed by Nino, and Wakky. Hide-san brought back a Conan plushie, and a cute Nittere-chin, the mascot for NTV. (I guess this was before Da Bear?) Then it was Nino's turn, and true enough, the two suited men he brought back with him (including Sugamo-san) did Wakky's Ghost ambulance gag. Next is Wakky-san's turn. Penalty would win the game if he got the three pictures - and he did! So Team Penalty wins the game!

It was only after all this that Ohno returned with his task of finding three surprising things about MatsuJun. (1) He's cranky in the morning; when he takes off his hat, he looks like a peacock. XDD (2) He hates losing; he had a race with a staff member to see who'd finish a Rubik's cube faster. (3) He remembers all the staff's names. Ohno then relayed Jun's new drama schedule to him from Bambino's assistant producer, which made everyone laugh.

Loved this ep <3

[vid credit: Taiji Project :)]


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