Long Overdue Trip Post! - Day 11

Saturday, May 12, 2012

(On Day 10, I went to Yokohama and hung out with Kishiko, Iman and Salwa, before going to ONE OK ROCK's Yokohama Final live. So, besides purchasing the Pikanchi box at the end of this post, that day had nothing to do with Arashi fangirling).

Day 11 - Met Steph in Shibuya in the morning, before heading to Yokohama together! It was great because I finally got to meet her in person (one of my favourite fic writers!) and while I love Yokohama, I've never gone there as a fangirl ^^;



On my usual Yokohama trips, I wouldn't have even thought of going to these places. We probably should have taken our photos like MatsuJun's, too, but it was rainy and cold :p

Steph took me to a ramen place that she said was featured in Shiyagare. I love the gyoza there :D
After, we walked to the mannequin 5 location... and had cakes at what I would always think of as "the Juntoshi cafe". Before heading back, we went for a brief trip to Mandarake, where I finally completed my Arashi album collection :D :D



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