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Sunday, April 1, 2012

(A quick note while waiting for painkillers to kick in >.<)

Well I bought these at least a couple of weeks ago, (these pics were taken around that time, too, but never had the time to post them) but I have yet to buy the Aiba anan that's been on my desk at my office since it first arrived at the store, and I have really been too busy to do much else Arashi-related these days. I wasn't supposed to spend on magazines this year, but television guides are a lot cheaper, so I think of them as an exception when Arashi/members are on the cover.  Although Aiba's anan is another exception (too adorable, okay) and, uhm, I've ordered April's magazine because the cover looked shiny.


So this time it's Aiba's TV Guide, Weekly the Television featuring Riida, and the TV Life Arashi cover, otherwise known as "IT'S TOO PINK, IT'S HURTING MY EYES."


I'm always happy when I enter the store and see their faces on the magazine rack. But they always order too few copies, and in a couple of days all the Arashi covers would be gone. >_>

In an unrelated note, I've subscribed to Liniere (Linneru in kana) magazine because I love everything about it. More reason to cut down on my Arashi mag spending. :p


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