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Monday, August 22, 2011


First of all, this. Yeah, even the Kinokuniya Japanese Department staff were surprised that I didn't have this yet. They were looking at me when I put in the order for it and they said, "are you sure you don't have this one yet."

No, no I don't. I wasn't really a fan back then, and even when I started out, I didn't plan to collect the photo books. It just happened over time, and now I think, why not. It's definitely worth the purchase, anyway. :)

arashi no iru fuukei, with the English title that doesn't quite make sense (although I can see that it's an attempt at translating the Japanese one). Technically, the other unofficial photobook I got recently is more of a worthy purchase (more & better pics, and cheaper, too) if you were going to just get one book, but last year's concert was special for me and I just wanted anything that reminded me of it. ^^;;


The anan. Kit, who sits next to me at work, says that Sho looks like a fallen angel here. Hehe. Sho in white. Sho wearing a necklace. Sho multiplied by four. This is a must have for ichibaners, I think.

I love Freecell more because it has Sho reading. It's my secret kink, I guess, seconded only by Jun reading? (Jun wins here because he seems to actually enjoy the books, haha. Why so serious Sho-kun.) 


More Sho reading, and on the cover, too! Da Vinci is probably one of the mags that others would pass up, because of him appearing in cut, +act, cinema square, etc. This mag has only one page of Sho - two, if including the interview. But this is actually my current favourite, and not just because of the cover. The interview is thoughtful, and it has a special feature on Matsumoto City which made me really want to visit the place one day. Look at the bookshop at the page shown above! *drools, forgets all about Sho*


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