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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Oh, be still my heart. This is probably one of my favourite Sho solo photoshoots/interviews now. My copy came in the store during the weekend (everything always happens when I'm not around. It's like a law or something.) and yesterday I forgot my purse when I went to work, so I only managed to purchase it today. 
Now, I know it's supposed to show the different sides of Sho-kun, which I love and appreciate muchly. I was showing this mag to JetJet and Kit and this is basically what I said, while turning the pages:


This is the concert!Sho who is sometimes kakkoii and sometimes dorky. (His dorkiness quotient seems to increase when he's in the vicinity of Nino in particular XD)


This is doctoractor!Sho whose perm makes me go WTF but I find cute anyway.


This is caster!Sho who defies his fail!Sho personality and is actually capable and looks good in a suit and makes me actually watch the news instead of only reading news magazines.


And finally this is RandomHotGuy!Sho (Idol!Sho really, but I introduced him as RandomHotGuy!Sho) whose job is to just look good. And he's good at it. At this point Kit asked me "what about RandomHotGirl!Sho?"

I flipped through the magazine; alas, there's no Sho as a Random Hot Girl in here.
So this post shall remedy that -

Picture 1
Picture 2

There. Now it's complete. XD Get your copy now! Available at Kinokuniya. AniShi caps not included. 


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