Arashi no Shukudai-kun #010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aired On: December 4th, 2006

The guest in this episode is Sugita Kaoru, who've worked with Arashi on 24hr TV before. Jun had cried during that time, and she said that her opinion of him became more favourable after that. Her homework to Arashi/the audience is to research on various foods that uses collagen (according to my sister it doesn't really work, but from what I've seen in variety shows Japanese women really love food with collagen?). Aiba became the presenter, while he and Sho went around testing food with three women. There was a really funny scene when Aiba smeared collagen sashimi over one of the women's faces, lol.

During the image section of the show, like in the previous couple of episodes, the conversation gets interesting. Sugita-san admitted to having a bad image, and said that she was called the King of Love Hotels when she was younger. This led to them talking about love hotels, and when Ohno seemed a little too interested, Nino joked that he (Ohno) was aiming to be the 2nd generation King of Love Hotels. ^^ Ogura-san asked Sugita-san to give advice to Arashi as a veteran and older woman, and she said that she hoped they don't get trapped by a bad woman. She even gave advice on romance, Sugita Kaoru Style - catch their attention with your eyes, attack when they're weak, and aim for people who seem like they've broken down. In order words, the timing has to be perfect? XP

 In the experiments corner (or, like Shi-chan says, the continuation of A no Arashi), Sho and Aiba try to find out if it would be faster to travel on ice by foot or by bicycle. They were supposed to complete one lap on a skating rink, with Sho walking on foot and Aiba riding a bicycle. Aiba kept falling down, so Sho won the race. Conclusion: please walk over ice instead of riding bicycles.

This is another one of those episodes that I can't play on my Mac, so there're no screen caps. :/


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