Arashi no Shukudai-kun #009

Friday, September 17, 2010

Aired On: November 27th, 2006

Maybe I was spoiled by the previous two episodes, but this ep didn't stand out as much. I'm not sure if this ep is the start of them not going on field trips for their investigation reports, or if it's just that they didn't do it in this episode, since the guest's (Yasu Megumi) request was for them to find out different ways to serve natto. Maybe it's the subject matter that made this less interesting than the last two episodes, since I really am not too keen on the idea of natto, haha. Anyway, even though it's not a memorable episode, it was still funny and good to watch.

I love the experiment at the end where Ohno makes those - uhm, I'm not sure what they're called, the subs said "interior decorating colliding balls" (one bad thing about me is that if an ep has subs, I stop listening and just read the words - even if I'm watching an English show. I read everything that can be read, but am a bad listener.) Anyway, back to the topic... Ohno makes those, er, "interior decorating colliding balls", and they experiment on how many balls they could add before it stops working. They reached up til a hundred balls when Ohno announced that he only made up to that much. Anyway, technically if made with the right kind of balls it could have an indefinite number of balls and still work, but Ohno's should work til up to 200 balls. I find these experiments a little on the bizarre side (who would think of researching the kind of stuff they did?) but a lot more fun than some of the interview/eating parts.

[video credit: Nyan-chan & techni-teddy ^_^]


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