Arashi no Shukudai-kun #037

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aired On: June 18th, 2007

Continuing my re-watch! At the gathering I was transferring some of my Mago Mago files to Fatin's pendrive, and I thought of how there are a lot of episodes I've yet to watch, which made me think, I should start on a Mago Mago watching project!, which reminded me that I have yet to continue my Shukudai-kun re-watch. ^^; So, continuing, after so long.
The guest this episode is ManaKana, or Mikura Mana and Kana, twin singer/actresses. Their homework to the guests was to investigate rare and delicious cuisine from Okinawa. The first item introduced was "gouya (bitter gourd) burger", which they thought was delicious but didn't really have much of a bitter gourd flavour. Aiba said it tasted like shisa (the lion/dog decoration, I think from Okinawan mythology?), and ended up eating half of the burger meant for all of Arashi, before Jun reminded him not to finish it. He gave Jun his half-finished burger in response, lol.

Mikura twins

Arashi twins?
The next dish brought out is "ikasumi tashiya" which is basically soumen stir-fried with squid ink. They both seemed to like it a lot. Ogura-san tasted it and said that it was good, but without much squid flavor. Aiba finished the whole dish again, earning himself a slap on the head by Jun. The third dish is a rare dish, "red ocean sunfish sashimi". Apparently it's rare even in Okinawa and can only be found at Ishigaki island. ManaKana loved it, saying that it tasted somewhere in between salmon and fatty tuna. (Now I really want to taste it >_>) It looks like a hit with everyone.
In the talk part of the show where they bring up what kind of image people have of ManaKana, they asked the girls of their image of themselves. They admitted that they share a lot of things, like clothes, bags, shoes, etc. One of the fans wrote in to say that he thought that they did their work easily by alternating between them. They said that it did help out when they were in school and acting in musicals at the same time, when one of them would go to school while the other would work, and then they'd switch places. Their speeches match so much that they were asked if they ever liked the same guy; they said that it never went as far as asking the same guy out, but they have been attracted to the same person before. Ogura-san commented that they must hear these same questions all the time, so they decided to do a top five questions that ManaKana are sick of quiz for Arashi.
Ohno's guess: whether they go to the toilet at the same time. (wrong; they don't get asked this a lot.) Ogura-san's guess: which is Mana, which is Kana? (wrong; they get asked this a LOT, but they forgot to include it in their top 5) Sho's guess: do they end up falling for the same person? (right; #2 in the list) Ohno's guess: whether they're always together. (wrong; Nino reprimanded Ohno for getting wrong answers when he finally decides to speak on their shows) Aiba's guess: salary system or commission system? (wrong; it had nothing to do with them being twins!)
They proceeded to reveal the rest of the questions - #5 being "do your friends mistake one of you for the other?", #4 "is your favourite food the same?", #3 "if one of you have a stomachache, does the other one get it too?", #1 being "how about marrying The Touch"? (A comedy duo consisting of twins)
The third part in this episode is their Ristorante Fake corner, which was actually introduced in this episode. In this corner they have to figure out whether a food item placed before them is the real thing or fake. Three dishes will be shown, but of the three only one will be genuine. They will first be able to see the items on three separate monitors, after which they will have to choose which item is the real thing. Those who chose correctly will be able to eat the item. So, item A is a Peking duck, while item B is wagyu steak, and item C is Foie grass sauce. Ogura-san immediately chose item B after seeing the images shown on the monitors, while the others reserve their judgements for more hints.

Nino showed them zoomed in pictures of each item next - after which Ohno chose the Peking duck, and Aiba chose the foie gras. For the third hint, Nino let them smell the dishes through a tube. Jun ordered the Peking duck, saying that item B didn't have any smells, and item C smelled suspiciously bad. The last hint given is the raw materials - that is, they are told that one of the items is made from clay, while another is made of styrene foam. The twins chose the foie gras, saying that they couldn't imagine it being made of either, while Sho chose the wagyu steak, saying that the Peking duck was probably made from the foam, while the foie gras might be clay.

The reveal: A, the Peking duck, is made from styrene foam, while item C, the foie gras, is made from clay. Which means that the genuine dish, the wagyu dish, goes to Ogura-san and Sho. Which is all well and good, because I love watching Sho-kun eat. He always looks so happy XD

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