Arashi no Shukudai-kun #036

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aired On: 11th June, 2007

I just reminded myself that I haven't continued my Shukudai-kun re-watch, again. This episode's guests are the comedy duo Ungirl. Their food request was for delicious and unusual tsukemen. They said it's because they have it all the time, and they wanted to try other kinds. They got sidetracked, though, because they mentioned that they were from Hiroshima and Yamane ended up doing impressions of baseball players ^^;

Ans036-1 Ans036-2

When the tsukemen started coming out, Arashi and Ogura-san started tasting it without asking the guests, haha. Then they were going on, saying, "on to the next" before finally relenting and letting Yamane and Tanaka taste the tsukemen. The second dish was from Shizuoka, black tsukemen (in squid ink). Again, Arashi ate without giving any to the guests. Yamane kept saying it tasted like pasta XD The following dish was Aiba's specially made tsukemen, using "the world's three greatest flavours" - truffle, caviar, and foie gras. Doesn't sound good to me (>_>) Unsurprisingly, they let the guests taste this one first XDD Jun had a taste and called Aiba an idiot. But Aiba has a back up plan, apparently - tsukemen that he was sure they'd like, made out of shaved ice topping. Ogura-san commented that it looked good, which was treated with suspicion that he'd gone weird since he started hosting Shukudai-kun with Arashi. But Tanaka had some and really like it.


For the image shukudai, the first entry said that Ungirl spent time worrying that they used to be "disgusting but cute", but were now just "disgusting". They admitted that it was true, and Tanaka mentioned that he was trying to increase his skills so he was trying to remember all the capitals to the countries in the United Nations. In order to challenge him, Arashi brought out "Pon-chan", one of their staff who's apparently awesome at geography. If Tanaka couldn't beat Pon-chan at guessing the capitals, then he would have to take it (knowledge of the world's capitals) out of his talent profile. Both of them were really cool, but Tanaka lost when he couldn't remember Reykjavik (Iceland's capital).


Finally Arashi had Ungirl take on the challenge of performing their skits while blindfolded and wearing headphones. They were okay at first but soon fell completely out of sync, which actually made their act a lot funnier to me.

[vid credit: Taiji]


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