Vs. Arashi! #129

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aired On: March 3rd, 2011

This is the "Taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta" Team episode, but I really think of this as the "Haruma Miura episode." ^^ apparently Haruma Miura is a big fan of VsA and was excited about being on the show. as a result, he got to choose his favourite games for the show. Arashi's "Plus One" guest is the comedy duo Football Hour.

The first game is Pinball Runner, where Miura-kun runs with Erika Toda leading the support team. He got both the pink balls and finished with 180 points. Oh-chan's the runner for Team Arashi. Since Miura-kun announced that he wanted to get 300 points earlier, Ohno said that he's aiming for 700 points. He managed to get... 80 points. He blamed Iwao-san for yelling out the wrong numbers.



Next favourite game of Miura-kun's is Rolling Coin Tower. It's Sakumiya vs. Miura-kun and Erika Toda. In order to catch up on their 100-point gap, all Team arashi had to do was to make sure the tower doesn't fall in their turn. Nino then claimed that they would attack with only 10-point coins, and Erika said that her team would do the same. Of course, when Nino started the game, he did so with three unbalanced 3-point coins, which made the foundation of the tower shaky. Nino is sneaky. :p Unfortunately, his strategy backfired and the tower fell on his turn. Now the gap between the teams is even larger.

The third game chosen by Miura-kun is Dual Curling, with Ohba and Iwao-san playing for Team Arashi. The drama team's players were all in their teens, which really made me think, huh, Arashi have really grown up. (As if I haven't realised this before!) There was a minor conflict in Team Arashi over who would be the starter - Ohno said Iwao-san, and Iwao-san said Ohno, and Aiba said never mind, he would do it, but they asked Takei Emi (one of the other team players) who said she wanted Iwao-san to do it, so he did. Aiba managed to get one of his markers in the 50 point area, but it got knocked out by Iwao-san's marker. Aiba was aiming his x2 marker for the 50 points after that, but it didn't even reach the 10-point area, and when asked to give his excuse, he tried to, but couldn't quite explain and said he'd fax it later (lol). The one-on-one showdown was between Jun and Miura-kun. Jun totally failed, getting 30 points in comparison to Miura-kun's 130 points. It was cute when Jun was trying to find an excuse for his fail - he blamed the stick, so the rest of them asked him to apologise to it, which he refused to do.


Dual Curling was followed by Cliff Climb, with Miura-kun and Suda-kun climbing for the drama team. Jun, already in a kind of a sulk over his earlier fail, continued to be bullied by the rest of Team Arashi. Arashi's climbers should be Goto-san and aiba, but because Goto-san was afraid of heights (and everyone else wanted to continue bullying Jun), MatsuJun took over his place. Jun did well, but fell off after hitting the 50-point button and didn't get the perfect score he was aiming for. The rest of the team stood up before him and asked if he was going to blame the grip this time. He apologised again for his Dual Curling excuse.


Haruma Miura's favourite game is the last for this episode - Bound Hockey. Arashi was behind by 280 points, and needed to get 300 points in order to win. Jun was feeling a lot of pressure (especially since if they lost, he probably knew he was going to be the MDa) and Ohno stood by him, saying that Jun doesn't have to worry, because he would be Jun's guardian angel. *ah, be still, my Juntoshi-loving heart* In the end, Arashi did very well, but they only managed to get 200 points, so the drama team won.


When the MDA started, Jun already knew it was going to be him, and was really fidgety. He chose himself too, together with the rest of them. I love this guy. <3

[vid credit: Neon Lines]


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