Dome DVD Screening + Nino's Birthday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well, the celebration was actually done on the 18th, one day after his birthday. I was really impressed with such a huge turn out! There were slightly over 50 people, from what I heard. I was really nervous about not knowing anyone there, but thankfully Kak Syiena and Hana were around and some of the other girls were also very friendly. There were people I recognised from the Kokuritsu screening, but since they hadn't introduced themselves during that time I wasn't sure who they were ^^;;


But of course, once the screening started, everyone was happy to flail together! Since the DVD started out with the solo interviews there was a lot of kya-ing every time an ichiban appeared. Kind of funny; I found myself kya-ing over MatsuJun appearing on the big screen more than Sho-kun. But, the thing is, when it was Aiba, there was a (very brief) moment of silence, and then it's like everyone realised - hey, no one's screaming for Aiba! - and then everyone started to kya together while laughing a little. (Oh, Aiiba. You know we love you.)

I've watched the DVD before yesterday, but somehow there's something about watching it on the big screen with so many other fans - it's magic. The mood is somewhat like being in a concert, you know, you're with so many other people who may or may not be strangers but you understand each other perfectly and still lean towards each other giggling over stuff like, "god, did you see what Sho did back there? He's so dorky!" Rather than the concert, which is perfection in itself, of course, this other scenery that I was looking at made me so happy about this fandom. Especially when everyone's voices were raised together in song - it's like when we're all together Arashians are invincible. 

When we were done with the first disc we had a short break for food and Nino's birthday celebration. The cake was gorgeous. Everyone sang happy birthday and then rushed to take a picture of it. ^^

Then, it's on to the next disc, followed by another short break before the third. During the encore most of the people were jumping around and everyone was singing along. 



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