Himitsu no Arashi-chan #126

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aired On: April 14th, 2011

I know that not everybody is happy with the VIP Limousine, since not all of the members are in the episodes now. This isn't really a deterrent for me; sure, it's fun to see all of the members together, but I enjoyed their older shows (like Mago Mago Arashi) where they paired up for different assignments. And, I guess part of it is also because even though I have a Sho-bias, I love Arashi for being Arashi - that is, I like all of the members and so wouldn't boycott particular episodes just because my bias isn't in it. I suppose it's different for everyone? Anyway, this episode is Sakumiya, so I do get to see Sho-kun. (^_^) The guest this time is model/actress Takei Emi, who gets to go with Sho and Nino on a Korean date.

They first take her to a Korean grocery store in Shin-Okubo. I'm not sure if they underestimated the fangirls or what, because the place was swarming with them. (Hey, isn't that another fun thing about the VIP Limousine? Stalking them? Haha) Anyway, they tried some sort of Korean melon, which was hard and not too sweet. Sounds like my kind of fruit! Then they took her to a cafe where a lot of ikemen Koreans worked. She seemed to enjoy herself a lot here, but so did Sho and Nino. They introduced three ikemen, and, er, Sho, and she had to choose the one closest to her idea of an ikemen (which she had drawn out earlier). Unsurprisingly, Sho lost. ^^;; Throughout this they talked about her 10 VIP points, which are basically just trivia about her - one of which stated she wanted to go on a date in school uniform. So Sakumiya indulged her, of course. In school uniforms, they headed to a Korean fortune teller. Takei-san had always wanted to be married at 23, but the fortune teller said that she won't. Finally, they take her out for yakiniku, which she loves.

The theater part, I didn't really enjoy as much as the VIP Limousine, but I guess Sho's proposal was funny. If anyone tried that on me I'd have laughed and laughed and laughed at them. *not very romantic* Nino's, on the hand, was really cute. And very creepy. Ahaha.

Hna126-1Maybe I'm just seeing things that aren't there, but I can't help but think that Sakumiya seemed to be leaning away from her.

Hna126-2Of course, filming outdoors come with challenges... wonder if they anticipated this crowd.

Hna126-3Which is the most ikemen of them all?

Hna126-4In school uniform. Wish that Nino's wearing a gakuran too.

[vid credit: ANJ]


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