Popcorn DVD

Friday, April 26, 2013

My copy arrived today! It was totally unexpected, since YesAsia has been pretty slow with their delivery for the last few things I've ordered, but when I was coming in from lunch the receptionist told me that I had a delivery. Yay!

I'm not so sure about the "special packaging"; looks like one of the boxes they sell the bootleg editions in, here, and I'm concerned about possibly damaging it if I handle it too often when I'm taking the DVD out of the box to watch it. While I'm not keen on boxes and slip cases overall, I would prefer a box like Arafes' to this one. But I do like the booklet. I LOVE the booklet. It's cute, even if the paper kind of curls up if I leave it on the table for awhile.

The concert itself is amazing, of course. Because the track list is very similar to the one I went to, this brings back lots of memories.

Going to watch it again now!


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