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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The covers were revealed... yesterday? A few days ago? I don't remember. I was at work, as usual, and although I went to J-Storm to take a look, I didn't even take the time to tweet about it. I did talk to Salwa about them last night, though, since she hasn't seen them yet. She asked me what I thought, and I said, "...they're okay, I guess." I don't know. I guess to me, it's another cover with their photo on the jacket. Since I'm not the type who'd go, "[insert bias] is cuter in this one, so I like this one more" or "how come [insert bias] isn't the centre?" *shrugs* I prefer the quirky kind of covers, like the Popcorn LE, really. But the covers aren't why I buy the CDs, and seeing the covers is still an exciting thing for a fan! So.

photos totally taken from j-storm
LE A contains "Calling" and "Breathless", their karaoke versions, and the "Calling" PV. LE B contains "Breathless" and "Calling", their karaoke versions, and the "Breathless" PV. The regular edition doesn't contain PVs, but has two coupling songs, "Allright!!" and "full of love". I'm hoping the latter isn't a ballad XD
I have all three on pre-order, although my orders for the LEs are of YesAsia restocks so I'm not confident I'll get them until I received a notice saying they've shipped - since I encountered problems when I pre-ordered restocks of Meikyu Love Song, once. They'll be released on March 6th; I can't wait! (I also can't wait for the PVs to be out - I heard that they might be, but nothing on LJ so far, and I really dislike browsing through the Tumblr tags... so I don't know.)


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