NTV Best Artist - 2012.11.28

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aired On: November 28th, 2012

I have to be honest. I was in Tokyo on the date this show was aired, and I fully intended to watch it, except... I kind of didn't. At least, not the Arashi parts. I only caught the last half of "Troublemaker" because I had left the common room for a bit, and then while watching the show I kept getting sleepier and sleepier as the common room got noisier and noisier with more people coming in, and in the end the introvert in me gave up and went up to my room, 3/4 into the show. I knew that Arashi would be the last performers, but I figured that I'd download it once I'm back in Malaysia. Which I did.
As expected, my favourite is the "Wild at Heart" performance. I love "Troublemaker" and am not so keen on "Your Eyes", but "Wild at Heart" is one of the Arashi songs I could watch them perform again and again, and still find myself glued to the screen.



[vid credit: knh]


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