Arashi ni Shiyagare #039

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aired On: March 19th, 2011

I haven't actually watched this episode in full, until AnM released their subs today ^^; Well, when it was aired, I was busy with the charity fics, and only watched short clips from the variety shows. (Which is actually more than what I do now :p) Anyway, the guest in this episode is Sato Ryuta! I only remember seeing him in Bambino! and Kisarazu Cat's Eye, but I do like him a lot. For the omiyage, he brought strawberry daifukus, which looked so yummy... *gets hungry*

Oh-chan looks like an ordinary person XD

Sakumoto moment? ^^

In the rumour segment, Sato Ryuta admitted to his weakness for women who used to be managers of sports clubs at school, and girls who would take the bus instead of train or taxi. He also talked about his daughter, and about talking to strangers in bars.

Arashi's image of him is as a passionate guy, and their first task was to "passionately" wander around Nikotama (Futako-tamagawa), the town where Sato Ryuta's Rookies was filmed. But - before that, they had to re-enact a scene from Rookies where they talk about their future dreams. This is basically the only scene that I've seen before this, and it's hilarious. Aiba started out relatively normal, saying that he wanted to move to Tokyo and be a company president, while Ohno said that it didn't matter what he became, as long as he was the best in his field. Then Sho went and said that he wanted to be a charisma beautician. The rest of them took a moment to LOL before continuing, when Jun said he wanted to make a lot of friends. Sho doubled over laughing. When Jun asked Nino, he said that he wanted to be... a pro-wrestler. The camera immediately focused on his stomach, then XD. When they asked Sato Ryuta, he said that he wanted to date the club manager, hahaha.

My future dream would be having all six of them, thanks.

Then comes the "wandering around town" part, which is pretty funny, too, while it attempts to be "passionate". Next, is the cooking battle, where Sato Ryuta chooses Sho as his opponent, haha. They had to cook fried food that goes well with white rice. Both of them chose pork; I think without the rest of Arashi telling him stuff Sho probably wouldn't have done as well as he did. His pork kimchi dish won, in the end ^^

Sho-kun's face when he was chosen XD

In the "Encounter the Unknown" segment, it's Ohno's turn this episode. He meets Maeda Tomohiro, a magician who teaches him a card trick. I think it's cute how Ohno, amazed when watching the magician cut his deck, said that Nino could do the same thing. He performs the trick perfectly in front of the rest of Arashi. Ah, I love Riida. But can I say that mostly I love the Jun-in-glasses that came to watch Riida's trick? ♥

This is leadership!

[vid credit: Ao no Michi]


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