Dome DVD (yay!) and New Album Announced!

Monday, May 9, 2011

As usual, it had to happen when I was at work, so by the time I'm home and on Typepad everyone else already knows. XP I was at the sales floor, and when I got back to the office I checked my e-mail to find Shi-chan on gchat, saying something like "DOME  DVD OUT ON JUNE 15TH, NEW ALBUM BEAUTIFUL WORLD OUT ON JULY 6TH! WE ARE GOING TO BE SO BROKE!" My brain almost broke from the news.

Like almost everyone else, I had expected a Dome DVD but kind of gave up on that when April came and went without any announcements. Then this happened, and with the album announcement on top of that (which, okay, Shi-chan and I have both anticipated) is just too much of a good thing at once. I love it. Not the fact that I'm going to be broke, but the fact that there will be yet another DVD to flail over with other Arashians, and another album to play on repeat for a couple of weeks. ^^;;

Anyway, the DVD will be of the Fukuoka concert - I was really hoping for Tokyo Dome, but the LE  (6,900円) comes with a documentary, so hopefully there will be some Tokyo Dome bits there? (Really wants to see Oh-chan's birthday again) And solo interviews! Can't wait. ^_^

The first press release of the album, Beautiful World, (3,200円) will include 7 new songs and 5 solos, and the currently released singles not in BnMF, of course. That should be everything from To be free, onwards? *checks CD rack* Yup. To be free, Love Rainbow, Dear Snow, 果てない空, and Lotus.

I'm super excited about both and hopeful for concert announcements :D


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